Protecting And Moisturizing Balm For Normal Skin 50 ml

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50ml kavanoz dermatolojik test %100 dogal normal ciltler

Especially if you have tried many skin care products but have not found the product you are looking for, Begin Again is just for you! Even if you do not have major skin problems, we can say that it is the ideal product that will help your skin meet the daily care and nutrition needs, refresh your skin and fight the traces of years. You will especially observe the predominant effect of rosemary and fennel oils, in the content of 100% natural oils. There are also features such as skin tightening and elimination of obstructions, prevention of old-age streaks, as well as preservation of moisture balance in the skin and skin renewal.


Content: Jojoba oil, olive oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, fennel oil.


Key Ingredients


Jojoba Oil: It's structure is similar to sebum in our skin and it manifests high absorption. It further balances the skin acid. For this reason, it is appropriate for all skin types. It's used when one desires to remove the excessive fat in the skin and wishes to balance the natural fat in the skin. It acts as sebum in the skin and prevents fat production. It moistens and softens dry skins.


Olive Oil: Olive oil is rich in in oleic acid and is a good skin renovator. It moistens the skin, removes dead cells and balances the sebum.


Rosemary Oil: With its strong astringent feature, it manifests a tidying effect for sagged skins. It removes swellings and congestions on the skin. It therefore provides tighter and healthy appearing skin.


Lavender Oil: Supports the creation of new cells and balances sebum. Lavender oil helps the treatment of wounds, rheumatism pains, tooth aches and migraine headaches. It has a rehabilitating effect for burns and sunburns; in addition, it helps treating acne and rheumatism, prevents the development of mycetes, it minimizes scars and swellings.


Fennel Oil: In addition its use for relaxing and cleaning the skin, it's also known to prevent dehydration and swelling. It deeply cleans the skin and reduces wrinkles that appear with age. It further helps in improving the appearance of wounds.

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